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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All The Good News (About "30k")

"A one-woman show, she's her own webmaster, producer, designer and beyond." — Curve Magazine

I don't know how they figured that out about me, but yes, it's true. I'm running this show mostly by myself. This morning I've been designing digital liner notes for Ideals & Deals (which comes out on Tuesday!) and playing with merch designs. I've also been running my own publicity campaign, which in case you've never done, is depressing as sh*t. So I'm going to take a minute to celebrate all the good things people have been saying about "30k!"

"'30K' is a testament to the exploratory ins and outs of hopping off the bus in New York City, and hoping against any odds that you'll make it there… In her video, she blogs that walking across the Manhattan Bridge represents the wide-eyed approach to transforming yourself, and then, as her costumes change, molding into a city girl—and eventually as simply yourself."Curve Magazine (not to play favorites but this one's my favorite)

"'30k' … is spunky, upbeat and good to foot tap to. What we wouldn’t do for that eh Jana?"Higher Plain Music

"I love this catchy pop song, from a good girl with a great voice. So close your eyes and enjoy the magic."My So-Called Gay Life

Not to mention all the great YouTube comments!

It has also been featured on:
DIGA @ Stetson
Kings of A&R
Gay Qube
Mad Mackerel

I'm not good at bragging so I appreciate when people do it for me. :)

I feel like I'm fighting the Internet, and I will win only with a thousand tiny cuts. I just have to keep fighting! So thanks for indulging me in this little pep talk. And if you haven't watched the video yet, go do it! I wouldn't be bugging you so much if I weren't so proud of it and certain you'd enjoy it. (While you're at it, please watch it 1000x and leave a comment. plzyou'llmakemydayokthx)


Update: New feature from SheWired! "You don't want to miss the sweet, angelic voice of this self-described 'lyrical folky piano pop' artist."

Friday, September 21, 2012

Living My Songwriting (Or "A Self-Help Blog")

So I am used to be a crazy person. The kind of person who experienced emotion too strongly for her own good. I cherished the hurt inside my heart because I thought it was precious— because most people walked around not feeling anything, so I had to feel enough for them as well. (Rather presumptuous of me.) 

I thought emotional depth made me Special. I was looking for any reason to think that God had Chosen me. I needed an excuse to think there would be more to my life than what there was. And so I wrote A History of Sleepwalking, which I saw as an honest tale of living with the darkest emotions and finding a way to be true to your faith.

No one got it, of course. People usually got hung up on the song about Internet porn. My opus was lost! (How melodramatic.)

Thankfully I learned not to take myself quite so seriously. But there is something to be said for innocence, the way we experience every moment of life with the utmost intensity before we are hurt. I thought life as an adult meant not being ruled by my emotions. I matured, I grew a bit less self-righteous, but I also caged my emotions in little song boxes, compartmentalizing everything so it was only experienced when I sang. 

Then I was confronted with the canyon I've created between Song Jana and Day-to-Day Jana. Song Jana could sing about selfless love in "If I Ever Break Your Heart" (if you haven't heard it yet, it's on Ideals & Deals, yay!) but Day-to-Day Jana could never admit to feeling that way. It would be weakness!

Then it hit me. Not showing weakness is a weakness. Not showing emotion is silly. I only have one life! What's the point of pretending not to be The Girl Who Feels?

So I'm trying to live my songwriting, take that emotional intensity that I've packaged up so nicely in chords and lyrics, and spread it out across my so-called mundane life. 

We shouldn't write to escape how boring our lives are. We should act to make them unboring, and writing should be an overflow of how richly we live. 

Self-help blog over.