Friday, January 13, 2012

The Sleepwalker's Bed: Abdication

This was one of the last songs I wrote for this album. "Abdicate in the Lines," along with the "To Hell With…" tracks, are sort of meant to be "the morals of the story." I meant this song as a sweeping statement against pornography in defense of women.

This is the only track I recorded actual acoustic percussion for instead of just using software instruments, but you would still never find me in the studio playing drums. I made beats with snipping scissors, zipping zippers, cracking knuckles and a squeaking chair to give the percussion an artificial feel— a feel of alteration, of surgery.

Four years later, I think this song — and most of the album, and much of my pre-New York life — makes the female character out to be too much of a helpless victim. But its essential message still rings true: a lack of honesty will destroy a relationship.

Oh, and by the way— "Abdicate in the Lines" means to give up what makes you special in the way that everyone expects you to.