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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jana's Blog - I went to Florida and all I got was this lousy cough.

Hey guys,

I went to Florida last weekend to visit friends and family. Had all these plans to run around doing cool stuff and wind up completely exhausted - exactly what you're not supposed to do on vacation. I knew nothing was going to go as planned when Dan (my boyfriend, who also happens to be the bassist on "You Deserve Better") came back from the clinic wearing a surgical mask. Flu Time. Nice.

On Friday I visited my high school choir teacher to talk about being an aspiring songwriter while working in the music business. The first class degenerated into a completely amateur version of TRL (amateur because of my lack of song knowledge - "Do you know any Alicia Keys?" "No..." "Do you know any Taylor Swift?" "No ...") The second class asked me questions and made me feel really important. ("What's it like playing in New York with all that competition?" "Well, once I realized that everyone started out playing for three people, I got past the mental block and just started putting one foot in front of the other.")

Played my first three-hour set at New Harmony Coffee & Tea in Clearwater. Would have been so worn out if not for the delicious caffeine-infused drinks!

Then it was Flu Time for me. I still have the cough I came home with. I recorded a rough demo of my newest song "Cheater" and Dan asked if I had a cold when I recorded it. "Dan, I recorded that yesterday ..."

I'm visiting Tennessee and Ohio in November and December - if you have anywhere you'd like to see me play, let me know! Going back to Recoup and Local 269 in the upcoming weeks. Hope to see you there!