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Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 17

Friday, April 17 was an entire crazy day dedicated to art. I loved it.

At 9 am, I had a friend from Stetson named Keelyn take pictures of me because the ones on my website are so old. In the past I have been super camera shy when it comes to pictures like this and shoots usually end with me uncomfortable and upset. But this one was such a blast! Keelyn's fairly new to doing portrait shoots but she made me feel very comfortable (maybe it's because she's new to it that I felt comfortable ...). I felt like a blank canvas, forgot all my stresses and became very relaxed. We took 320 pictures in an hour and a half but it felt like time stood completely still. She's gotten a few of them back to me so here's a taste:

I'm not used to posing/not smiling in pictures so at first I actually really didn't like them. (I brought my friend Stacey over and said, "Look at these ... I look like a whiny b---h!") Now they've grown on me and I think they're pretty cool.

Okay, I lied -- the day wasn't ENTIRELY dedicated to art. At 11 am I had to attend an "Exit Loan Counseling" session. I'm graduating college in three weeks (!!!), so they had to tell me what to do about my student loans after graduation. (It was basically like "Your loans have interest. Interest is bad. If you don't pay your loans, you're dumb.") Thankfully I don't have too many loans so I'm not worried.

From noon to 3 pm I worked on my senior project. I'm creating a sound art piece that provides an overview of the French and American Top 40 charts from 1/2/2009 and 1/3/2009, respectively, similar to Luke DuBois's "Billboard." The process of creating a patch in Max/MSP to take a pleasant-sounding spectral average of each song has been a bit of a struggle, but my patch is finally working and I can start the composition aspect of it (with two and a half weeks left before it's due ...). My professor and I discussed strategies for putting the songs together. I'll probably post a version on the website when it's done.

From 3 pm to 6 pm, a friend of mine from high school named Mario came up to Stetson to record with me. His band Pariah is doing a metal-esque cover of Pink Floyd's "Mother" and wanted me to sing the choruses. This was my first time being featured in another band's project and it was really fun. Having metal guitar solos in your headphones is a great motivator to sing powerfully.

After recording I drove down to Orlando to act in Joshua Ingle's DORM series. We were filming the finale to Season 2, a party where the camera chronicles the same events from five different characters' perspectives. The series is based around oners so it gets a little chaotic trying to get the shots just right, especially with uninitiated extras hanging out in the way of the fast-moving backwards-walking steadicam operator. I got so caught up in acting that suddenly at 1 am I felt drunk (I wasn't) and exhausted (I shouldn't have been) and realized I hadn't eaten any real food all night. We didn't wrap until 4:20 am (I went to sleep at 4), and then Josh woke me up at 6:30 am to go shoot scenes outside at dawn.

It's Sunday and I'm finally just recovered from the hectic schedule of Friday and Saturday morning. But I would gladly trade getting good sleep for getting to live my life like that all the time.